Pro Rated Classes

We at Rocky Mountain Tennis are very aware that today's families are very busy and in many cases have activities that sometimes overlap, and even with planning there will be times when participants will need to miss one or more classes during a session. We understand that maximizing your tennis experience is very important and to assist with that we offer the following:

Short class sessions - in most cases only 3-4 weeks
Low class prices - the cost of a session is about the same as one (1) private lesson
Class outlines for the instructors allow for review time each class

Since almost all of our classes are full and in most cases have a waiting list, it is our policy not to offer pro-rated class fees or make-up classes for missed classes. We do reschedule any and all classes canceled due to weather cancelations.

By maintaining this policy, our classes, participants and instructors all benefit.

We will always strive to help you enjoy and to get the most from your Rocky Mountain Tennis classes and we look forward to seeing you on court.