Lessons for everyone!

Private lessons are a great way to supplement the skills you learn in group classes or to take your game to the next level. Whether you need individual assistance or prefer to setup your own group, Mark and his staff can help you fine tune your game, learn new strokes and have more fun!

Send the staff an email request today with your availability and we will get back to you right away.

Private Lesson Inquiry

The power of instruction

How often should I take a private lesson?

-this answer really depends on your goals; What type of player do i want to be?  What NTRP do I realistically aspire to?
How much time and money can I afford?

How will I know I need to take a private lessons?

-if you are struggling with a particular part of your game continuing to play and practice on your own in most cases won't help you improve
this is where taking some time and money to work with your staff can really pay off

Should junior players take private lessons?

-the USTA does not recommend private lessons below the age of 8 as the goal of the game at that age should be more about fun.  Sometimes this might not be right, as with most things with kids, let them be your quide to understanding what they need and want - if they are struggling with part of the game or if they're ready for more challenge that's the time to book a lesson.